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If you’re looking to accommodate more guests than your sofa can hold, we have the answer: sectionals. Our mid century modern sectionals are a perfect way to accommodate more guests with style. We love sectionals because they’re the perfect way to add seating, while making your living room feel more open and spacious. Plus, they work great for entertaining since everyone can have their own designated space.

A corner sectional offers a great seating arrangement where people can sit face to face and engage in conversations. While an L-Shaped sectional is perfect for people to rest their feet or lay down. All our sectional styles are offered in a variety of seater options so there is definitely something for everyone's needs. They can be configured to an L-shape , C-shape and U-shape and are available from 3-seaters up to 9-seaters.

Not only are sectionals great for entertaining, but they’re also versatile. Whether you want to create a cozy reading nook or you're looking for a cozy spot to entertain guests, sectionals are an excellent choice. And don't think that sectionals are just for the living room! You can use them in the dining room, on the patio or even in your bedroom!

What makes Pivot’s sectionals even better is how long lasting they are. Our sectionals are made with premium quality materials—think high-performance velvet and stain-resistant fabric—and they're also made from durable materials like North American hardwood and high-strength fiberglass slats. They also come with sag-resistant, supportive cushions that soften over time.

Whether you want to surround yourself with lush textures or keep things simple and classic, Pivot carries a sectional that works for your space. Shop now!


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