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What few people know

When furnishing your space, there are two traditional choices:

Opt for the cheap route — good in the short term, but costs more in the long run. Made from non-reusable materials, fast furniture is designed to be used for a short time, encouraging you to buy more.

Or you can go the other route — buy quality furniture deemed to last longer, but cost thousands at checkout. After some time, cleaning, repairs and moving costs can all accumulate, making it more convenient to just get new furniture.

Both options ultimately result in furniture being replaced. Everytime we find new replacements, we continue to take from finite natural resources to make these new products. This system harms the planet, while costing us a fortune. We know there’s a better way.


Pivot—Furniture powered by technology

We design our furniture with quality materials that last, so it’s affordable for everyone and easy on the environment.

That means rethinking how the raw materials in furniture can be repurposed. That’s why every product we build is designed to be taken apart piece-by-piece. If a part is in good condition, our technology makes it possible to restore it to new. Rather than building a new sofa from scratch every time, recovered components are reintegrated into a new product and given new life.


A better way to furnish


Furniture that can adapt with life’s changes. With Pivot, you have the freedom to refresh your space anytime.


Our advanced logistics, zero waste packaging, and circular design all contribute to reduced costs for customers.


The longer you use Pivot, the more you’re helping the environment.

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